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Who Else Wants to Start Smiling Again 
with Confidence?

Without a dentist, special training or expensive equipment... from the comfort of your own home...

  These are REAL (and kind of embarassing) images of MY mouth, before and after creating a new tooth with Smile Renewed™ at my house, in about 10 minutes..." 
- Pat Walsh (creator of SmileRenewed.com)
How Easy is it to Replace Your Tooth?
(Watch Me Do It In 4 Seconds!)
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Smile Renewed - The Nation's #1 Temporary Tooth!
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  •  100% GUARANTEED:  100% MONEY-BACK guarantee on all orders!
  •   SAFE & SIMPLE:  Approved by the FDA & easy enough for a child to do!
  • OVER 10,000 HAPPY CUSTOMERS:  Creating big, happy smiles one customer at a time!
So...How Do You Make A Tooth?
Boil beads until they become slightly translucent. 
Retrieve beads with spoon and use fingers to mold into shape.
Place into the gap of your missing tooth, and start smiling big!
What was your experience with 
Smile Renewed?
Thousands of Happy Customers...
  • "I never thought I'd be able to smile in a picture again - it's a great feeling..." 
    -Kyle Norman  Howell, MI
  • "I'm pretty certain my new tooth is the reason I finally landed a job after about a dozen different, previous interviews."
    -Bailey Ebbs  Lexington, KY
  •       "Bar-none… Best purchase I’ve ever made. Not being able to smile is a tragedy! Smile renewal has given me the greatest gift - my confidence back. If you’re missing a tooth, Smile Renewal gets my highest recommendation."
    -Marcy Foster San Jose, CA
  • "HUGE lifesaver for me. I had a bridge that completely fell out on me, and there is no way that I could afford to get permanents right now. I used SmileRenewed to create a bridge for three of my teeth (I did have some stubs of teeth still left, which I think helped). It took a little practice to get it just right but now it looks amazing. Definitely worth the $29! "
    -Gene Faulkenbury  Charlotte, NC
4.71/5   1,498 Customer Reviews 
NOTE:  Due to quarantine regulations, we are in very high demand. Please allow an additional 24 hours for processing your order.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What, exactly, is Smile Renewed, and what do I get with Smile Renewed temporary teeth?
Smile Renewed is a temporary fix to cover up gaps in between teeth. Our product consists of small beads made of our special FDA approved polymer. By following our instructions, you can quickly make a temporary tooth replacement that lasts for months with Smile Renewed.
How long will my new tooth last?
Your new tooth from Smile Renewed has the ability to last for several months with proper care. However, do not mistake this as a permanent solution - this is meant to be a cosmetic fix to make you look and feel more confident.  Most of our customers will put in a tooth for a few hours and remove (when out in public) to get the most usage. 
How does the tooth stay where placed?
The tooth you make from Smile Renewed stays in place by using the material to make a shape according to our instructions. This allows the tooth to stay snugly wedged in place.
Can I eat with my tooth in?
Yes, you can certainly eat with your tooth in, although it's obviously not as durable as a real tooth and should be treated as such. 
Is it safe to sleep with my new tooth in?
We do not recommend wearing the tooth while sleeping, it is best to remove the tooth each night before bed.
What is my new tooth made from?
Your Smile Renewed tooth is made from a non-toxic, plastic polymer specially formulated to be easy to mold and create a realistic temporary tooth.
Can I color the tooth to match the current color of my teeth?
Yes, by following our proprietary instructions for staining the tooth you can match the color of the tooth almost perfectly to the current color of your teeth.
Can I replace top and bottom teeth?
Yes, you can replace single top and bottom teeth so long as there is a tooth, or a stub of a tooth next to each side of the missing tooth.
Can I replace multiple missing teeth?
Yes, and no. Smile Renewed was created to help replace a single missing tooth, where there is a tooth on each side to adhere to. It was not intended to replace multiple teeth in a row.  However, users have reported successfully doing multiple teeth if they have a stub or a fragment of a tooth remaining. 
Can I use this product over a crown, including one that has a metal band showing?
Yes, you can use the temporary tooth over a crown and to replace a tooth that is not attached to anything.
Can I use Smile Renewed’s tooth for a back molar?
The tooth requires two teeth on each side of the missing tooth to stay in place, so a back molar would not be guaranteed to fit correctly.
Can I use this product to fill in a chipped tooth?
No, especially if the chip is small. Our product is designed for filling an entire tooth’s gap, though some of our customers have certainly made teeth that fit the individual shapes of their chips.
Can I use Smile Renewed to repair a denture?
Yes, as long as the missing tooth in the denture has a tooth on either side.
How many teeth can I make?
Our kit provides enough material to make approximately 15-25 teeth (depending on the size of the tooth. In most situations, our kit lasts a typical user enough material to last one to three months.  This can vary widely based on how often teeth are replaced due to yellowing from smoking, coffee, etc. 
Can I use this product to cover up a missing front tooth?
Yes, as long as there is a tooth on either side of the missing tooth, you can use Smile Renewed to cover up a missing front tooth.
Will Smile Renewed fix my lisp or other speech impediment caused by a missing tooth?
According to many of our customers, the replacement tooth perfectly fills in the missing tooth and can help certain individuals greatly with a lisp or other speech impediment while in place.
How much is shipping?
All orders are shipped USPS Priority for FREE and orders received before 3pm EST are processed the day they are received!

  My Uncomfortable Story...

In 2013,  I cracked my tooth all the way down to the root. I was devastated to say the least.  I was just finally starting to get caught up on dental work that I had needed for years.

I did NOT have thousands of dollars to replace my new missing tooth, and I dreaded the idea of seeing friends or family looking the way I did.

In my opinion, feeling embarassed to smile is a feeling that NO ONE should ever have to deal with!  It literally makes you unhappy, just not being able to smile. 

I looked into dental insurance, but as you probably know, that covers just about nothing and is still expensive in it's own right. 

I felt completely stuck - it was an awful feeling.  But, I was determined to solve my problem. 

Then, one day after literally hundreds of hours researching and looking for solutions - I came across something that was being used in Asia (in the more impoverished communities) and I suddenly got super excited. 

What I found was a special, non-toxic polymer plastic that could be shaped to look like a tooth!  

At that point, I was willing to try anything.  I ordered some, waited patiently for 6 weeks for it to arrive, and low and behold - it worked!

Now, I'll be totally honest, this isn't the perfect long-term solution, but it was a GOD-send for me

If you are missing a tooth or even two - this can get you buy for a very long time.  It was two years before I was able to save up for permanant replacement, but during that time, not a SINGLE person noticed my temporary tooth, and I was able to eat, chew, etc almost entirely as normal

If you’re reading this and can resonate with my story, I recommend giving Smile Renewed a try. 

To your new smile, 

p.s I completely stand behind the product, and if you don't love it - no problem, just shoot me an email and I'll send 100% of your money back!

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